bulk adding bright borders to your facebook pof ad images

I read a newsletter I got from EWA recently and it got me thinking. It was about making your images stand out from the others by: adding borders, slightly tilting the images, or any sort of filters/effects that catches one’s attention. I recently spoke with Ben from POF (awesome guy btw) and he was saying how dating is getting increasingly competitive on their platform (which figures since their traffic couldn’t be more targeted for dating). Users have been exposed to the same sort of dating ads over and over, and ad blindness starts to kick in. In order run a profitable dating campaign, you kinda need to **stand out** from the rest of the ads. Similar to how you would design a ppv landing page with bright borders, flashing images, countdown clock, etc.

Today in this post, I am going to show you a software I found that could easily bulk add borders (of any color you choose, try to choose bright colors here). I’d suggest taking some of your winner images from your existing campaigns (if you have any), and put them through this filter, and add them to your campaigns with the same title/description/etc and see how they perform.

The software I use is irfanview and can be downloaded off their site.

Once you’ve done that, you can following these steps:

Step1: Create a folder and add images you want to add borders to

Step2: Open up IrfanView and go to file -> Batch Conversion/Rename, navigate to the folder from step1 and click on “add all”
add borders to fb pof images

Step3: Check the “Use Advanced options (for bulk resize …)” on the top left box, and click Advanced

Step4: In the middle column, click on “Canvas size” and click on the ‘settings’ button. Here you can enter your border width, color etc. Then click ok -> ok
bulk adding borders

Step5: Select which folder you want the batch job to output to under “output directory for result files”

Step6: Click on “start batch” and you should have your pictures with borders in the folder you specified from step 5.

to image optimizing success,

great plugin to include your landing page ctr in prosper202

I came across this prosper202 from neardyaffiliate.com the other day and thought I’d mention it here. When you are analyzing your prosper stats, have you ever wondered what the click through rate from your landing page to the offer page was? This cool prosper mod basically does exactly that. For every keyword (and URLs if you are doing PPV), its going to give you the number of click throughs it got, and the % value.

How can this data help you ?

  • Know how responsive the visitor from a specific keyword is
  • Discovering keywords that have a high click through, but low conversion rate (non-buying,acting keywords)
  • Measuring your landing page effectiveness, are the users finding your ‘sign up’ button easily ?

These is data you could use to improve your campaigns. Here’s the link to download the
prosper202 landing page CTR plugin.

Installation is pretty straight forward,

archiving your prosper202 data for speed

Depending on how hard you roll (or how crappy your server is), there comes a time when you’d want to archive your prosper202 installation for speed. Redirection speed is crucial for ROI; you don’t want your visitors to leave you just because of a slow redirect that made them impatient.

Here is how I archive my old click/campaign data (still making them accessible online), and free up space for my prosper 202.

Step1: login to mysql and do a db backup of your current prosper202 db (or do equivalent phpmyadmin)
mysql> mysqldump -p p202 > p202backup.sql;

Step2: create a new database, you can simply name it the date you’ve archived your data
mysql> create database p202feb2011;

Step3: restore your current database you’ve backed up in step 1, to this new table
mysql> mysql -p p202feb2011 < p202backup.sql

step4: delete clicks from your current p202 installation to free up space.
mysql> TRUNCATE 202_clicks; TRUNCATE 202_clicks_spy;

step5: optional, making your archive data available online.
if you want to make your old data accessible, here is what I do. Say your main tracking domain is www.track.com … create a subdomain arc.track.com. copy your entire prosper202 folder to this new site, and in the 202-config.php file, update the $dbname variable to your archived db (in our example, p202feb2011). Now to see your archived data, simply log into arc.track.com.
Note: you can basically do this for multiple archives, simply point the $dbname to the archive you want to view, and hit your archived prosper202 domain.

There you have it. I know getting a faster server is not always an option. Enjoy your new sped up prosper202 installation and happy hustlin’

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