creating 100% iframe cpa offers on ppv

iframe landing page

When I am running ppv offers, I usually like to build my own landing pages. Sometimes though, you want to test out your offer’s default lander before spending time creating/optimizing your landing page. In such case, you could simply direct link the offer page, or you could iframe the offer. Some advertisers do not like you iframing pages, so its good to check with your AM before doing it. As long as most/all of the landing page is showing in your iframe, you are usually fine.

So why do you want to iframe an offer instead of direct linking ? Here are a few reasons
* if you want to add sound (great for attention grabbing on ppv) to your landing page
* if you want to add a customized header on top of the offer. Good if you are going to promote a iq quiz offer targeted to a specific group (ex: are you smarter than [celebrity name] ? take the test and find out)
* if your landing page is too large, you can use javascript to dynamically resize your page.

So now that we know the benefits of using an iframe, here is the code to do it.

<BGSOUND src="voice.mp3">

The code should be pretty straight forward. You will need to replace the iframe src= part with your direct link’s URL. In my case, I am using prosper202, so I have my php redirect code set in register.php.

Also, note that I have added an audio file that will be played when the offer’s landing page loads. As you can see, you can add simple code “around” the landing page. This is a good way to add some essential customization to your landing page without having to spend to much time building out a full blown lp design when you are testing different offers out.

to ppv success,

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    Great tutorial I agree you have describe  very nice 

  • Thebrokerdavide

    Can you tell me which is the function of iframe cpa offers?The iframe boosts really the conversion rate?

    Thank you,

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