bulk adding bright borders to your facebook pof ad images

I read a newsletter I got from EWA recently and it got me thinking. It was about making your images stand out from the others by: adding borders, slightly tilting the images, or any sort of filters/effects that catches one’s attention. I recently spoke with Ben from POF (awesome guy btw) and he was saying how dating is getting increasingly competitive on their platform (which figures since their traffic couldn’t be more targeted for dating). Users have been exposed to the same sort of dating ads over and over, and ad blindness starts to kick in. In order run a profitable dating campaign, you kinda need to **stand out** from the rest of the ads. Similar to how you would design a ppv landing page with bright borders, flashing images, countdown clock, etc.

Today in this post, I am going to show you a software I found that could easily bulk add borders (of any color you choose, try to choose bright colors here). I’d suggest taking some of your winner images from your existing campaigns (if you have any), and put them through this filter, and add them to your campaigns with the same title/description/etc and see how they perform.

The software I use is irfanview and can be downloaded off their site.

Once you’ve done that, you can following these steps:

Step1: Create a folder and add images you want to add borders to

Step2: Open up IrfanView and go to file -> Batch Conversion/Rename, navigate to the folder from step1 and click on “add all”
add borders to fb pof images

Step3: Check the “Use Advanced options (for bulk resize …)” on the top left box, and click Advanced

Step4: In the middle column, click on “Canvas size” and click on the ‘settings’ button. Here you can enter your border width, color etc. Then click ok -> ok
bulk adding borders

Step5: Select which folder you want the batch job to output to under “output directory for result files”

Step6: Click on “start batch” and you should have your pictures with borders in the folder you specified from step 5.

to image optimizing success,

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  • http://www.dinovedo.com Dino Vedo

    Thats awesome trick! Was doing it by hand! thanks so much!

  • http://www.imkazu.com imKazu – affiliate marketing

    np, if you know linux, imagemagick is actually quicker, i might write another post about it later on

  • http://www.affiliatepaying.com Affiliate Paying

    Great tool. Thanks for sharing :)

  • ctrtard

    Cool post. I use irfanview as my default viewer but never looked into it’s automation features.

  • http://www.mactonweb.com web design bangalore

    superb tips this are very useful and interesting and informative

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