archiving your prosper202 data for speed

Depending on how hard you roll (or how crappy your server is), there comes a time when you’d want to archive your prosper202 installation for speed. Redirection speed is crucial for ROI; you don’t want your visitors to leave you just because of a slow redirect that made them impatient.

Here is how I archive my old click/campaign data (still making them accessible online), and free up space for my prosper 202.

Step1: login to mysql and do a db backup of your current prosper202 db (or do equivalent phpmyadmin)
mysql> mysqldump -p p202 > p202backup.sql;

Step2: create a new database, you can simply name it the date you’ve archived your data
mysql> create database p202feb2011;

Step3: restore your current database you’ve backed up in step 1, to this new table
mysql> mysql -p p202feb2011 < p202backup.sql

step4: delete clicks from your current p202 installation to free up space.
mysql> TRUNCATE 202_clicks; TRUNCATE 202_clicks_spy;

step5: optional, making your archive data available online.
if you want to make your old data accessible, here is what I do. Say your main tracking domain is … create a subdomain copy your entire prosper202 folder to this new site, and in the 202-config.php file, update the $dbname variable to your archived db (in our example, p202feb2011). Now to see your archived data, simply log into
Note: you can basically do this for multiple archives, simply point the $dbname to the archive you want to view, and hit your archived prosper202 domain.

There you have it. I know getting a faster server is not always an option. Enjoy your new sped up prosper202 installation and happy hustlin’

to stats success,

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  • chris

    Hey man, thanks for the post. How do you know when to archive the clicks? Do you have a set amount of clicks that you’ll get until you archive them?

  • Dino Vedo

    Thats a great tip! Never thought about this one!

  • Lee Walden

    Thanks, that was awesome, Why can’t everything be so simple.

  • Thales Melo

    Alright, does it still work? I’m getting syntax errors.. haha

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