A pof tip to quickly identify working demographics

I have been busy building campaigns and its been awhile since my last post. Hope all of you have been hustling hard. I’m going to share a quick tip I use for my pof campaign.

For any campaign you build on pof, if you aren’t using the “cross tab report” feature, you’re missing out big time.
This report can be found by clicking on the “view cross tab report” for each campaign as shown below.

pof cross tab report

When you click on this link, its going to give you an overview of your campaign, broken down by the categories pof has, such as education, income, drinking habits, etc … Following is an example of a breakdown for “profession” for one of my campaigns
pof cross tab report demographics

As you can see, this is quite powerful as it helps you identify within any given category what is working and who your ads appeal to more. By having this info at hand, you could omit lower converting groups, create specific campaigns for the higher converting group and bidding higher, and basically make calculated decisions based on the numbers.

When looking at these groups, I am always looking at %, and not the raw numbers shown in these report.
Here’s the quick tip. Simply head over to google spreadsheet or excel, copy a specific group from POF’s cross tab report (in our example the “profession” field) and past it in.

After this, simply created a row below it and create a spreadsheet function =(conversion/clicks)
So in by example below, this function would be as shown below =(B3/B2)

Once you’ve done this, simply drag this function across the other columns which will create a % row. By looking at this, I can see that this campaign is doing well (relatively) for “business owners” & “blue collar” and not so well for people in the “medical field”.

Based on this data, a couple things I could possibly try:
Create another campaign targeting “business owners” and “blue collars” and bid higher
Omit “medical field” professions from this campaign, and build another campaign specifically for it

As you can see, you can analyze each group to see whats working, and whats not. A good thing about using this spreadsheet is you could simply copy paste each group into the first 3 rows and get the % value for each group quickly.

For excel users, you can download the Excel equivalent (super easy to do it yourself, but for convenience):

to pof ads success,

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  • Lan

     This is gold. Glad you pointed this out, I never even noticed this.

  • Simi

    Why I do not have this option “view cross tab report” near the “view:Thumbnails” ?

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